[BAT]Tn traditional appartement.

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登録日: 2012.02.12
記事: 18
所在地: Tunisia
[BAT]Tn traditional appartement.
日時: Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:21 pm

I'm new here, and i don't speak Japanese.
I'm sorry, but I can't use Google Traduction to translate, because it never work to translate english to Japanese.

I really like Japanese buildings in Simcity4 as most of simcity4 players.
& I wanted to show you some of my BATs.

My building's style is Medeterranian, from North Africa in general, and Tunisian to be more precise.

This is a traditional Tunisian(North African; Medeterranian) appartement
it's also self surfficient and don't use much water, it doesnt needs much energy since it's self powered, and as all the old houses, it have it's own water collector, when it rains, all the water that falls on the roof, go to a water reservoir that is under the building.

This bat is a landmark, it needs no power or water, it also have a great landmark effect.
& I will make more of those kind of appartements soemtime (not having ot be traditional or whatever..)

dependencies are (you have to download them so the BAT works):
cp proppack vol01
cp proppack vol02
bsc cp mega prop pack vol01 :

BSC textures vol02
BSC textures vol01
BSC mega props swi21 vol02

 Filename:  tnoldappartement.zip
 Filesize:  160.85 KB
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