[BAT]Tn palace museum.

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登録日: 2012.02.12
記事: 18
所在地: Tunisia
[BAT]Tn palace museum.
日時: Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:00 am

I was inspired by this building that is in Tunis, to make this one.

You will find two versions for this building in the education section.

The first version (lot) needs no dependencies, you just place it, while the building that is 2x2 fills the whole lot that is also 2x2, however while placing it, since the building is a prop in this lot, so it can fill the needed space, so you will when selecting the lot, you will see the maxis natural history museum, all is explained in the pictures (tha picture with red squares and stuff...)

As for the second, you will need those dependencies:

BSC MEGA props - CP vol01

BSC MEGA props - swi21 vol02


I added a second version of the BAT, without a garden, but a court and a fountain instead.
When you download the new upload (the update) you will get both old and new version in the same .zip file.
You can find the picture (the one that have gray colour).
I hope that you like it.

Ancient palace museum version 2+1.zip
 Filename:  Ancient palace museum version 2+1.zip
 Filesize:  1.18 MB
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