Tn house pack-TN家パッ&#12

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登録日: 2012.02.12
記事: 18
所在地: Tunisia
Tn house pack-TN家パッ&#12
日時: Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:06 pm

I'm sorry for not posting this in Japanese.

This pack have numerous urban w2w residential BATs (9 BATs).

The houses that have solar panels on their roofs have no or little power consumption, they also have no or very little air pollution, I really don't know how does some small urban residential houses can cause air pollution.
They all grow in low density residential zones, except that appartement building (the highest building in the set) that belongs to the medium residential density zone.

These houses are all growable, and if you like to use them anytime, you will also find them in the parks menu.
If you feel that you don't like to have them in your parks menue, just delete the file named "Park plopable version" (SimCity 4\Plugins\Tn\Tn residential pack\Park plopable version), the growable version is in the file named "Growable $$ low density residential lots" (SimCity 4\Plugins\Tn\Tn residential pack\Growable $$ low density residential lots).

by SBT team.

Tn house
 Filename:  Tn house
 Filesize:  4.56 MB
 Downloaded:  767 Time(s)


登録日: 2012.02.12
記事: 18
所在地: Tunisia
Re: Tn house pack-TN家パッ&#12
日時: Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:12 pm

A new version avaible:
Now the file are better orgenised so anyone can understand, the stats are realistic (according to simcity 4) instead of the high population stats.
More errors have been fixed, now the buildings do cast shadows, and you can see them in all zooms (in the previous version, you can only see the lots' tiles of the houses in the furthest zoom (zoom 1 I suppose).

Now it also have 10 BATs (just an extra one from the archive)
If the buildings are too repetitive in your city, or pop out too much, and invading your city, just go to the houses' files, and delete some of the .SC4LOT files (make sure that you keep at least one in each file, or you will not get that building and you will have to download this pack, again.)
The file called (Tn house Z 1x2 and 2x2) contains the lots that are clearly (1x2) and (2x2).
Just delete what you don't want.

If you like the high stats (each house have around 150-200 population...) you can download the first version.

Tn house pack
 Filename:  Tn house pack
 Filesize:  3.4 MB
 Downloaded:  618 Time(s)


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